X-Bow is an Industry-Leading

space technology company specializing in additive manufacturing of solid rocket motors. We’re bringing space to the table through a cutting-edge, end-to-end experience across building, testing and launching.

We Make

We’re as solid as our materials.

By applying 21st century additive manufacturing technology to solid rocket motor technology, X-Bow is emerging as an industry-leading disrupter to the national security, defense and space industries.

There's Always Space
At Our Table

We’re a start-up model with inter-stellar ambitions.
Join our team of industry-leading professionals and world-renowned talent.

We Build

We’ll get it done better and faster.

Revolutionizing the process from the inside out, X-Bow is able to build fully customizable, low-cost motors on short timelines through efficient and effective production techniques.

We Fly

We’re a one-stop shop.

Using our solid rocket motors in modular boost platforms, X-Bow is able to provide flight test services, handling the experience at every stage of the process.

Our Partnerships Span Space and Time

Let’s discuss making our technology your business.
The sky is never our limit.